The question I get more than any other is, 'what does swaygirls mean?'

The short answer is - it has nothing to do with stickers, magnets, or any other design elements.

I needed a name for my Etsy store since I was selling stickers left and right. But I had no idea how to pick a business name, let alone one that had any meaning. So I didn't. I picked a name based solely on some random pieces of mail.

When I purchased my first home, long before the hubs and kids, it was just me. Likewise my mail should have just been for me - plain old Shannon. But it wasn't. Randomly I kept getting mail addressed to 'swaygirls' at my address. Mind you the home was brand new, no one had ever lived on that small plat of land before my tiny yellow house, but for some reason swaygirls decided their junk mail was now my junk mail.

Fast forward 20 years...

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