Custom and personalized orders
Swaygirls can accommodate most custom orders. Please message me for details.

Sizing details
In general, most of my stickers are based on a 3 inch by 3 inch base. I always try to give exact dimensions in each listing. If you’re left wondering how your sticker will fit a specific item, I’m happy to take additional photos to clarify.

Care instructions
Short of cutting them with a knife, you can do just about anything to these stickers without affecting their color or durability. Put them in the dishwasher, washing machine etc and they’ll still be good as new.

Gift wrapping and packaging
I'd love to wrap your little gift up nice for the recipient. Message me if you have specific requests.

Wholesale availability
Wholesale pricing available. Please message me for details.

What does the name swaygirls mean?
The short answer is it has nothing to do with stickers. I needed a name for my Etsy store since I was selling stickers left and right. But I had no idea how to pick a business name, let alone one that had any meaning. So I didn't. I picked a name based solely on some random pieces of mail. When I purchased my first home, long before the hubs and kids, it was just me. Likewise my mail should have just been for me - plain old Shannon. But it wasn't. Randomly I kept getting mail addressed to 'swaygirls' at my address. Mind you the home was brand new, no one had ever lived on that small plat of land before my tiny yellow house, but for some reason swaygirls decided their junk mail was now my junk mail. Fast forward 20 years...

Why does it cost so much for a custom sticker?
Each item I create goes through the same lengthy design process, taking hours to perfect. I give your design the same time and attention I do each item I sell in my shop. If I broke down my true hourly wage for creating custom items, I’m probably making $2 bucks an hour. 🤦🏼‍♀‍

So why do I bother? It’s one of the best parts of my job - creating something special that will make your heart smile. ❤️

Are your stickers and magnets matte or glossy?
They are all created with a matte finish.

Will you make this in a print?
Any of my designs can be made into any type of print, icon, graphic, journal cover, the list goes on and on. Message me anytime - I’d love to help make your latest project perfect!