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Isaiah 41:10 sticker design
Isaiah 41:10 sticker
Isaiah 41:10 sticker size

Scripture Sticker | Isaiah 41:10

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Potted Plant Sticker with Blooms of Faith: "Fear Not, For I Am With You"

Embrace the delightful blend of nature's beauty and spiritual reassurance with this charming potted plant sticker design. At its heart lies the blossoming flowers, each petal symbolizing growth, resilience, and life's vibrant colors. Nestled amid this floral splendor is the bible passage Isaiah 41:10, "Fear not, for I am with you."

The pot is a symbolic vessel of faith, nurturing the plant as God nurtures our spirit. It's a heartwarming representation of the Lord's enduring presence in our lives, assuring us that even in moments of doubt or despair, He is there to hold and guide us.

Whether you're looking to uplift your spirit or brighten someone else's day, this sticker is a daily reminder of God's unwavering love and support. Ideal for journals, laptops, phone cases, or any other surface needing a touch of faith and flourish!


Designed, manufactured, and printed in the USA.

Please note the dimensions below - this will be the exact size of the sticker you receive.

Size (inches):
2.07 x 3.0

Our stickers are made from a durable vinyl laminate that resists scratching, heat, water and sunlight. You can even put them in the dishwasher and they'll still be perfect.

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Removable, individually die-cut vinyl, waterproof
• Ideal for smooth flat surfaces, place this sticker on your laptop, tablet, notebook, mirrors, phone, water bottle, hydro flask, journal, windows, etc.

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