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Girl Read Your Bible Sticker - swaygirls

Christian Hand Lettered Sticker | Girl Read Your Bible

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Empower your faith journey with a modern nudge and a touch of sass using this hand-lettered waterproof sticker that proudly proclaims, "Girl, read your bible." 

With its durable waterproof design, this sticker isn't just a decorative emblem; it's a statement of commitment to faith, tailored for today's dynamic Christian woman. Perfectly versatile, it adheres seamlessly to a range of surfaces, whether you want to embellish your favorite mug, give your Bible a personalized touch, spruce up your laptop, or add some spiritual flair to any other cherished item.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the sticker is a gentle daily reminder to anchor oneself in scripture, making it an inspiring gift or personal keepsake. So, every time you see the message, you'll be motivated to seek solace, wisdom, and guidance from the pages of your Bible. 

More about this Christian Hand Lettered Sticker:


Designed, manufactured, and printed in the USA.

Please note the dimensions below - this will be the exact size of the sticker you receive.

Size (inches):
3.0 x 2.24

Our stickers are made from a durable vinyl laminate that resists scratching, heat, water and sunlight. You can even put them in the dishwasher and they'll still be perfect.

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Removable, individually die-cut vinyl, waterproof
• Ideal for smooth flat surfaces, place this sticker on your laptop, tablet, notebook, mirrors, phone, water bottle, hydro flask, journal, windows, etc.

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